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Thread: How to make video's with a pulsar N550?

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    How to make video's with a pulsar N550?

    Hello All

    I am use a pulsar N550, and like to make videos with it.
    i've tried with my mobile phone, normal camera and an ipod but can't get a video on tape. Has anyone an idea how and with which it will succeed?

    many thanks

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    You need a recording device with an AV in connection, most of the devices you have listed don't have one.

    Something like this would work well:

    There are lots of other cheaper devices that will also work, Ebay can be a good place to look but you never what what you are going to get with the real cheapies, I have read mixed reports.

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    The MPR's you see on the bay and the one at scottcountry have a low resultion so you will be disapointed. My mate (Lordlardofframs) uses a camcorder to record off his N550 (well he did before he sold it) and if you search his name on you tube you'll see lots of the videos he made last summer with it.

    You can't use any old camcorder it has to have a av-in function, theres a list of camcorders here that will do the job, just pick up an old one off the bay for peanuts.

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