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Thread: stalking in rye & rape advice

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    stalking in rye & rape advice

    Hi guys, stalking this weekend was pretty difficult, apart from the rain, we have 6 foot high rye and dense rape on the farm. Stalking in the woodlands was fruitless, and I spotted one doe in the rape early in the morn. I reckon theyre sitting up in the crop all the time.
    Once the crop dies off, i'm hoping they'll be more mobile, what do you reckon? Before then, what would be your advice? maybe i need to call the bucks out of the crop from a high seat come the rut?
    Thanks for input guys.

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    I have got 7 foot rape , grass margins up to the roes shoulders,cant cut them until14th July if it is dry enough ,the rides in my woods are overgrown,I cant cut them because I will leave deep ruts with the tractor.The only deer showing are Fallow. I have given up until harvest.Good luck down there eric.

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    Haha yeah frustrating. harvest will be some good sport, deer, fox, pigeon. good luck yourself.

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    As soon as harvest comes you will see no end of deer. Have been working harvest this year and spotted more deer, muntjac especially, on the cut crop than I knew was there. If you get a chance to stalk a half cut field of rape it can be teeming with the smaller deer, as well as foxes and other wildlife.

    Also if people are harvesting all around your land, more deer will be on the move anyway, so you may happen upon some by luck. Using a high seat probs your best option I would say. Good luck!

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