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Thread: A few photos of my recent trip to NZ

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    A few photos of my recent trip to NZ

    I just thought I'd add some photos of New Zealand. I spent three and a half months there, mostly farming and fencing around the whole country. I managed to fit in some fun stuff too. There's some photos of shooting goats, possums, darting thar from a helicopter, hunting thar over the alps, diving for paua and kinner, fishing for trout and snapper.
    Hope you enjoy, I did!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P2150646.jpg   eel.JPG   P3020701.jpg   P3020708.jpg   P3030712.jpg  

    P3030725.jpg   P3030732.jpg   P3030733.jpg   P3030735.jpg   P3030737.jpg  

    P3030739.jpg   P3030744.jpg   P3040745.jpg   P3040747.jpg   PC230209.jpg  

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PC250255.jpg   PC230223.jpg   PC250260.jpg   PC250264.jpg   PC260265.jpg  


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    Looks like it was a great trip chap thanks for sharing

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    Good trip eh!

    What were the Tahr being darted for?

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    The sheep/deer farm I stayed at had a hunting block (with chamois, thar, fallow & reds) and he had promised an american hunter a certain sized tahr head (dont agree with all of this, but he was a business man! hope he doesnt read this!) So he also had a large area tahr in, we darted these, measured them up, then released the big boy in the right place at the right time. Is that hunting? not really... However to honestly shoot a tahr requires hiking up mountains, and weeks to burn. An elderly american with time constraints just cant do it! awesome experience in and under helicopters though!

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    Wonderful. You must have the most amazing memories.

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    Wish I could rewind 20 years and have my trip again!!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics, a great country and a must for every young countryman/hunter

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