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Thread: Not again :(

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    Not again :(

    Just received this link in a tweet from Essex police.

    Hope they catch him soon!

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    And when they do he will be jailed (if found guilty) at a cost to the taxpayer of 25-30000 a year to keep him in luxury for the rest of his sorry life.
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    Found a body now, may be him!
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    Yep body found in a graveyard - with wounds to the head.
    sky news: It was confirmed that a handgun was used by Reeve in the initial attack, and that he was 'largely unknown' to the police. He did not hold a firearms licence.
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    well my are thoughts with the family of those who lost a loved one

    and an after thought which we as a "family" of legitimate law abiding gun owners will have to hear no doubt............ AGAIN!!!!!

    are the calls which will be made bout gun ownership in this country....usually made by some weasel politician who really doesnt give a toss but jump on the bandwagon to help his own self ego and his own career .

    when will the learn that the illegal gun ownership will never be affected by coming down hard on law abiding gun owners....WE are not the problem,!

    if im reading the reports correctly that policeman went in to the situation knowing a firearm was involved and tried to diffuse the situation!? i hope he didnt suffer .


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