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    Can anyone tell me if the optilock range of scope mounts bolt directly to the rifle action, or simply rely on the grip afforded by the bases to the scope rail?

    I've had a look at some images and can't decide either way. I'm reluctant to shell out so much on a system that might not be 100% solid.


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    Hi Novice,

    Optilocks do clamp onto a dovetail but they have a recoil arrestor in the front mount. dont worry about them moving, i have been using them fo about 15 years on various rifles up to 308 and i've never had any bother at all.


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    Does the arrestor plug onto one of the screw holes in the top of the receiver then, or does it hang off the front of the scope rail?


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    Are you using a Sako or Tikka rifle? If it's the former, the recoil stud engages in a recess at the rear of the dovetail furthest from the muzzle. If it's a Tikka, the hole for the recoil stud is machined into the top of the action, and this hole is larger and unthreaded than those machined for scope bases.

    As Ezzy says, the Optilock system is solid and dependable.

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    Sound gear !
    I have two on Sako 75s and one on a Tikka T3 .


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    I would be putting them on a Tikka 595. I'm away from my rifle at the moment, so not in a position to check.

    I've currently got a leupold windage adjustable mounts on it, but I've just acquired a 7x50 scope and was using this as an opportunity to try out the optilocks as I have been offered a set of Tikka bases and high mounts for 70.

    I'm keen to double check that the optilocks are all they are cracked up to be as I've had some bad experiences with the leupolds.


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    I have them on my T3 varmint.
    solidly made, the only thing you might do is put a spot of 'loctite' on the base screw which goes into the ring part. mine came loose after the first couple of outings after first zeroing the rifle. I have had no problems since.


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    I have them on my M595. I was about to say "Say as a pound", but given the current circumstances Certainly as sound as a Kroner

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    I use them on my .22-250 Tikka T3 Hunter & they are a cracking ring/base combination, would recomend them to anyone.


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    Peter Jackson of Jackson rifles used to supply a one piece line bored mount for the Tikka,it was expensive,with years of service on my 25-06 it performed faultlessly and was pleasing to look at.


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