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Thread: .270 load advice

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    .270 load advice

    I'm about to take delivery of a new T3 lite in .270 and would like any advice on bullet weight/make, powders ect.



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    I was recommended to stick with 130gr as that what the cartridge was designed around and it works for me with that bullet weight.

    I have used speer hotcor soft points but find the Ballistic tips to be much more effective at all ranges

    My 270 has a 19" barrel so I use IMR 4895

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    I have a t3 270 this will work I have loaded it for a few 270 .60 grains H4831, cci large rifle primers, 130grain hornady soft points

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    +1 on 130gr ammo. H4831 is also a powder I used most.

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    Im using the 130g Speer Hot-Cor tried Nosler BT and cant get the same groups so stuck with the Hot-cors at a moderate velocity and a nice tight group powder im using Viht160 at the moment going to try H4831 see what it looks like

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    130grain nosler BTs and 60g H4831. Try to get the SC (Short Cut) as I didnt but it meters better apparently.

    atb steve

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    Thanks for the response.

    What is everyone's thoughts on the 130gr vs 140gr debate?

    I think I'll try H4831 as a starting point powder wise.



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    N160 is a good powder
    as is RL22

    130 does everything although you can get some funky speer and nosler 140gr
    if you are stepping up go to 150gr but I have never really noticed the difference in knock down between them

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