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Thread: Fin, Fur & new "lucky" bunnet

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    Fin, Fur & new "lucky" bunnet

    Well gents,

    Itís been a successful week on the sporting front and Ií putting it down to a new bunnet.

    I always fancied a Flat cap with lugs (Bugatti style), and fate intervened when I was dodging the rain at the Royal Highland Show, the tent I popped into had them so a purchase was made.

    First outing wearing new bunner was to my Tuesday rod salmon beat.
    I tied up some wee sparse Size 14 Stoats Tails the night before after reading the River height online and my decision was bang on.

    River was fining down after a good rise and just screamed fish, 4th cast down the pool, tug tug and I landed a lovely conditioned fesh fish around the 11lb mark.

    I've had a few roastings from my mates with this cap on but I really donít care how much of a tit I look, itís staying on !!

    So, a few days later in the week I was out for a buck, only one thing for it, don the Lucky Bunnet time again.

    I creeped round a wooded field edge spying across the long grass into a newly clearfelled area & watched 2 does slowly wander around whilst keeping a close eye out for any bucks.

    Eventually he arrived and popped over an old stock fence into the field and I got the sticks ready for him to move closer.
    I ranged him at 116yds, and when he paused I took a heart/lung shot, watched the impact and he ran on about 5 yds and down he went. All was still

    Happy Days!!

    Good old Ikea underbed storage boxes come in handy yet again

    It's by no means a medal but I have never bothered boiling out heads in the past so thought Iíd give it a bash.
    Quick boil in the broth pot and quickly returned to the cupboard before my Misses found out, jet washed the leftover gunk off , bleached then dried and he turned out not too bad for a first attempt.

    So, the Lucky Bunnet is staying firmly on my large swede and as before I donít care how much of a tit I look in it, itís still my lucky bunnetÖ

    Hope that brought smile



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    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    well done rigboot .How much do you want for new bunnet ?I could do with some luck.


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    It's not only lucky, but also an extremely rakish and dashing bunnet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chill123 View Post
    well done rigboot .How much do you want for new bunnet ?I could do with some luck.


    Chill, the answer lies in a country wear tent near luck is so bad I stand in dog turd and it has nails in it but maybe turning

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    It's not only lucky, but also an extremely rakish and dashing bunnet.
    One can only agree with your complimentary comments sir, glad to see ones eye's aren't painted on..currently in market for a suitable cravat now ...

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    cracking bonnet cracking fish and a cracking deer bit of a hat trick aint it just

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    Keep wearing it, the more it gets brocken in the better it will look
    I get mine a little on the large side when they get wet they always shrink a size or two
    How much will you rent it out for so it can bring others good look
    Gok Wan eat your heart out, some day flaps will take over the world
    Mine has velcro rather than studs
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    I want a hat like that, not been successful on the salmon fishing yet, but out for a buck this weekend.

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    Nice write up and well done. I was recently bemused at how odd I felt without my favourite cap when I went stalking at a friend's place. I was peeved at forgetting something but realised how essential it was to me. Felt all wrong - like playing rugby without a gum shield. Keep us update with the lucky hat - you should try wearing it to the races!

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