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Thread: Water deer wanted !

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    Water deer wanted !

    Thats me about finished down here untill this bloody water subsides My main bit for roe is 4" under water even inside the wood there are areas under 2" or more.
    I sat up a high seat this morning over looking a dry ride, never saw any roe you woud be normally guaranteed a roe there but i think the overall area is just too wet and they have all vanished.
    I was just thinking to myself we could do with a few water deer down here as its perfect habitat for them even when its not flooded, when i heard what can only be described as a herd of water buffalo heading my way.
    I managed to grab the camera as half a dozen hinds and calfs came sloshing through the water to my right, they didnt seem to bothered about it as they could have chosen plenty of more dryer routes back to where they lay up.
    Any one else struggling with roe in all this wet weather? be good to know how other areas are getting on. DF

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    Not been back at the Roe for about 3 weeks as I have decided to give the estate a rest prior to the rut. But I will say it has been awfull weather and a hard season up to now, with most bucks not showing in the open and limited activity between the heavy down pours. I have got some good bucks coming on now and most clients have gone away with a buck, sometimes two, on average about 85% have connected.

    Back on the Bucks next weekend, but high seat repairs and replacement this Friday and over the weekend so I hope it will stay dry.................yeah right!!
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