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Thread: Best portable highseat

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    Best portable highseat

    I am coming to the inivitable conclusion that a portable highseat may be the way foreward for shooting some of my ellusive foxes. Looking at a lean against rather than free standing, so i can quickly put up against a tree, buildings, bale stack to make the best of a brief opportunity.

    I had a quick look on similar threads, but having never used a highseat per say is their any features i need to look for or steer away from?

    It will be used very occassionally and need to be easily transportable and caple of holding 115kg.

    Some idea of prices would also be helpfull.



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    Be worth doing a search on 'Panther' as in Bushwear, there've been quite a few threads with lots of pros and cons between the different seats.

    Seems to be a choice between the x3mi(?) and the Bushwear Panther.

    Me... I've got the forerunner to the Panther


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