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Thread: stock finishing

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    stock finishing

    subject done to death yes, but hey ho

    ok here it goes. have a stock that's been treated with nitromors, cleaned, dried, sanded down to 220 grit with cleaning and drying between to raise the grain nicely, then layed down a bit again.

    I want to give it a bit more deep colour than just re-oiling, so I looked at some youtube videos and saw people using first a 'sealer' and then a 'finish' before final oil and polish.

    are these two steps necessary in getting a nice deep finish from a reasonably light stock?

    what else do you guys do if you don't use a sealer/finish?

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    I would go a bit finer with the grit say 800. Then use some alkanet root oil, couple of coats, leave to dry then oil.


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    sealer tends to be used to fill some of the grain and give a smooth finish.

    likewise I would take into 4 figure grit if it was me. I finished mine with 1500 grit.
    even if you dont want the gloss look of Best English you are still working on a better surface

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    PK you can use a water based stain then alkenet oil. Then if the stock needs sealed use you oil and put it on with either 1000 grit wet and dry or 0000 steel wool. Wipe of after and follow instructions. Before uou start the staining and oiling i would be looking at a final 1000 grit sanding then 1 or 2 rubs with 0000 steel wool, to make sure it has a silky smooth surface.


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    what is the difference/comparison to using tru-oil? as in, does alkanet root oil give a different look or finish?

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    Alkanet root oil is a deep red colour used by most stockers.


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    Alkanet Root oil also known ans Red Oil slightly darkens the wood and also helps bring the grain out. Makes it more noticeable.

    Another way of darkening the wood is to paint it with a solution of Potassium Permanganate. It's a purple colour but reacts with wood fibres turning them a darker Brown colour. I used this on the Bailkal MH 18 that had a Birch stock that was almost pure white once stripped:-

    From white to this.

    The crystals are obtainable from a good chemist who will ask you why you want them.

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    stock finishing

    Hello PKL, I have only ever used True Oil on gun stocks. I generally apply it eight times in all. I use oo steel wool dipped in a little meth between each application. I hand apply and always get a good durable finish which looks well when finished.

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    On my clay O/U and 222 I used a couple of coats of root oil then trade secret rapid oil. The rapid oil is some kind of blend with colour in it that helps you to get a nice deep shinny finnish, I was put onto it by the gunsmith who returned my old side by side.


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    Peter, do as Frank suggests, but check out my reply to how to make an oil finish shiny at the beginning of this section.

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