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Thread: The new Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

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    The new Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

    Hello all.

    We have been very lucky to be evaluating the new Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision before its release later this year and have been asked by several members when we expect to be retailing them, and for more info etc, so thought we would post a brief evaluation/review.

    We have produced a short demo video which you can see here

    Full review to follow on our site, but spec highlights include

    OLED High Resolution Screen
    Built in Laser IR Illuminator
    Max Detection Range of 600m (Man sized object, ideal viewing conditions)
    Real Life Detection Range of 350m (We viewed a fox target in complete darkness with little starlight effectively at this range, which is considerable better than the current N550)
    Built in "Doubler": Push button 1.5X Magnification to increase mag at any range.
    Illuminated Reticle: Push button switching between red and green

    Generally the device appears sharper and more detailed than the N550 (which is continuing in the range and we expect still to be the best seller)

    The built in IR Laser has a three power output facility depending on range requirements, and although not as effective as an L-808 Laser, it works really well.

    Sumlight facility works great in difficult lighting.

    Watch out for a full review to follow.

    Best Regards

    Scott Country

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    Any idea of price?
    I suppose consumer reaction is being gauged before the retail price is announced.

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    Hello Bryan, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we do not have a retail price as yet, but will post as soon as we are informed.

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    Little demo video of Digital Zoom being applied.

    The N750 was tripod mounted for test filming during the duration of our filming.

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    That house sparrow was a bit noisy - never heard one sing at night

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    dont realy see much difference from the n550 ?

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    Peter H, the video of the labrador was filmed during the day to demonstrate the effectiveness of the 1.5x Digital Zoom.

    Big Noel, granted our demo videos to show the new OLED screen and the 1.5x Zoom were during the day, apart from the video footage of the target to demonstrate the night vision was in our dark test room, so not really showing the true capability at long range. We are doing videos of long range stuff for the review this week.

    Bearing in mind the new device has a Max Detection range (man sized object 1/4 moon light) of up to 600m, with the N550 being up to 400m, the addition of OLED screen, 1.5x Digital Zoom, and built in IR, it is considerably improved.

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    It will be very interesting to find up how the N750 stacks up against its predecessor. Digital NV is still in its infancy and I have little doubt it is the way to go. I suspect the N750 will be a step in the right direction.

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    I can't see this N750 costing much more than the currant N550 model. After all it is available in Holland for 1190 euros which equates to just over 1000 also available in New Zealand and in Australia for approx 1200. Also available on Ebay. Mind you this being Britain, this fine country of ours no doubt we will be paying much more, what with Taxes etc. I reckon this will be a cracking scope once Health and Safety finally decide that the illuminator pass our stringent laws or whatever holdup there is. I see Scottcountry a having some fantastic deals with the currant N550, but at this rate I might as well carry on saving for a gen 3.

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    When we find some spare time (bearing in mind it doesnt get dark with us until 11.30pm) we will do a side by side comparison video of N550 vs N750 in the field.



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