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Thread: Home made high seat

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    Home made high seat

    A new piece of ground that I'm in the throws of getting requires the need of a high seat so this is my first attempt.
    My mate got me the steel ,i had a few bits at work and the use of mother-in-laws partners workshop was an hours labour fixing an oil leak on his lorry..............................
    Here goes

    Steel for high seat

    Seat in progress, seat base is half a blue water barrell

    Ladders made, the main box is 20mm and the two fit together by a box sleave that is welded on one end of the ladder

    Painted ready for final assembly

    Seat and shooting rail finished, the rail slides up and down in a piece of box and secured in the right height by a locking bolt on the side of the box section

    High seat in position at another ground just for testing.

    Views from up the high seat, the roe are coming out where the hedge meets the wood on the first picture.


    The total cost is around £35-£40 so I am quite pleased with the end result.
    Spent 2 hours up it monday evening and was remarkably comfy.


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    high seat

    it looks c**k on to me
    just one suggestion drill two or three holes in
    the seat so the rain will drain away apart from that
    a bloody good job ,well done mate
    PS when are you making me one

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    high seat

    Nice one Jonathon,looks the dogs b*****ks how much you knocking them out for

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    Jay Jay
    Thats already been done mate. Cheers


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    any chance of putting up the plans, dimentions?


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    Johnathon look the dogs xx mate
    Byou are twitching now .

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    sorry mate just did not want you to get a wet arse
    Might be able to find some ratchet straps if they will help

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    No probs Jay Jay
    Let me know how much you want for the straps


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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans
    any chance of putting up the plans, dimentions?

    It was made up as I went apart from the rail which was similar to one A mate hasbut the rough dimensions are

    Ladder sections 1.5m high and 30cm wide runners and 20cm larger box section as the sleeve
    Seat is 30cm wide x 50cm long
    Shooting rail is about 1m wide, the side pieces about 75cm long. The hieght adjusters are about 80cm long.
    The main box section is 20mm and the other box is bidg enough for the 20mm box to slide in.

    A bit vaige I know but it was made up as I went along


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