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Thread: Scmidt & Bender Scope 6x42

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    Scmidt & Bender Scope 6x42

    For Sale
    Schmidt & Bender 6x42 Hungarian No.4 Ret.

    Superb fixed power scope for any stalking of vermin rifle.
    The glass has no scratches on the lenses.
    No crimp marks from scope rings.
    Slight damage at the bell end of the tube where it wasmounted.
    Small faint scratch on top of the bell.

    350.00 inc P&P recorded delivery

    Or make an offer
    I have a pile of scope to move due to the amount in mycollection and the scope has no box but apart from that is in a condition of 90%
    If you purchase this scope and are not 100% happy with my description or the item itself, returnit to me and I will refund you your money.
    Any further info please PM me

    Thank you for Looking

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