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Thread: Red deer stalking (stags)

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    Red deer stalking (stags)

    Hi, I am looking for some affordable (classic) Scottish stag stalking. Is there somebody who might help me out? I am looking for 3 to 4 paid days for 2 people. Stags do not have to be throphysize, it is more about the experience of the stalk and not whether the stag is a spiker or a nice 8 pointer. I am told that september or october is best, but i am open to suggestions.

    kind regards

    You can pm me for any offers, thx.

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    Thank you to all who replied with a pm.
    I discussed the replies with my friend who wants to do the stalking and unfortunately coming september or october is too soon for him. SD turns out to be a quick medium and his wish to go hill stalking was a bit late . He is defenitely interested to go next year. Enough time for him and me to sort out the offers. Many thx again .

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