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Thread: Daft question but right section!

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    Daft question but right section!

    Evening all,

    I'm getting into reloading and being really green, i need to know what certificates/licences l need to purchase powder etc. As l would like to sound like l know what i'm going on about, in their application!

    I'm reading Modern reloading 2nd Edn, but as its writen by Lee, and for the American market mainly - no mention has been made of the aforementioned!


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    Dang Straight! We doan need no purrmits fer powder and primers! (Heck!) ~Muir

    (Good reloading book you chose there. Make good use of it!)

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    just make sure you have the right bullet amounts on your FAC ticket, you will need a minimum to purchase at one time of 100 as most expanding bullet heads come in packs of 100.

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    250 is better as they are cheaper and you can shoot more

    reason to have quantity is availability of supplies, not econemy of purchasing more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo
    what about the powder?
    Nop don't need anthing other than your FAC to buy powder and primer and can buy as much as you like. Smells nice too

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    As i remember you are only allowed to store 5 Kg of smokeless powder at home by law I can not remember if this also includes primers though ? and need you a black powder licence to acquire and transport black powder these are available from your local firearms dept .You may also need to inform your house hold insures as well if you keep black powder at home as it is an Explosive were as smokeless powder is classed as a propellant . there is also a limit on how much loaded ammo you can keep at home which includes shotgun cartridges as well but as i remember it was a large amount ! ( 10,000 + i think ). THis is due to the HSE and not a firearms related Law.

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    Modern day hunting rifles do not use black powder, so you wont need a black powder license. You donít need any license to purchase loading powder as you can get it posted to you but it costs a fortune sportsman quoted £15 a tub to post as the couriers are worried about carrying it.
    Iím not sure if you need to show a ticket for primers though i didnít ask that question last time i was down there.

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    Sorry to disagree with you clive, but you need to be able to demonstrate that you have the use of relevant firearms by means of a certificate in order to purchase nitro powders and primers.
    Generally speaking propellants have to be transported by approved carriers and cannot be "posted", hence the transport costs.
    The maximum quantity of shooters powders that can be held without additional authority is 5kg, thought there is an additional guide based on net explosive content. Where large quantities of ammunition or primers are held, there is a table to calculate the NEC of each primer and cartridge and this is used to ensure you don't exceed the maximum.
    Most shooters won't really get anywhere near the maximum permitted amounts.

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    Iím definitely not going to disagree with you as Iím sure you know a lot more than me.

    so clear things up Tommo all you would need when it comes to reloading is a decent bullet allowance on your ticket as many as you can get. Something like buy 200 store 400 maybe?? for each calibre. Just tell the Firearms officer you wish to reload and that is why you need the large amounts.
    You can buy the necessary primers and powder without changing your FAC ticket.

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