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Thread: Stalking mentor/land/oportunities needed in Hampshire area

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    Stalking mentor/land/oportunities needed in Hampshire area

    I live near Porstmouth in Hampshire and have been trying to make headway into deer stalking.
    I have been out and about several times with a friend but feel like i am encroaching a bit on his stalking time.
    I have also been out a few times on an accompanied stalk with HDC near Redlyinch.
    I am now just about to take the DSC-1 course & exam and would like to try and find some where a bit closer to the Portsmouth area where i can progress further with deer stalking and vermin shooting.
    More than happy to help out before during and after etc, also happy to pay a reasonable permission fee and/or join a syndicate etc.
    Any help appreciated.

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    try nick berridge sharp, hampshire deer centre
    if you can travel i would recomend graham prowse devon county deer.
    if you want any info about my experience in hampshire / devon pm me.
    jan andrews is also in this area but a bit more expensive, chris howard may be worth a try in the andover area.
    i am sure if you google the above you will find out more

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    Advertising post - it has been edited.


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    Quote Originally Posted by timw
    Hi Subseauk,

    I can help with some Roe stalking near Winchester if you are interested. We do charge per stalk either morning or evening 120 per outing. This includes one cull animal
    Your avin a giraffe mate, 120 quid a stalk, i don`t reckon there`s as much money available on this site as you might think, remember we are in a credit crunch. doh
    You need to look at some of the other adverts which are on offer in this section and you will find your way off the mark, but tell him good look.


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    stalking available

    well done giraffe does no one realise most of us are normal working guys,we cannot afford thes prices,think about this ,have you ever seen an upper class heavy weight boxer.or a working class tennis player,dustbin man come top golfer, na,

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    Too Much

    Is TIMW hoping a few MPs are on the site looking to get something else on the expenses ticket. You are quite right very expensive and having a laugh + only just joined and advertising expensive wares straight away. TUT TUT.

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