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Thread: rspb and game-shooting

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    rspb and game-shooting

    the rspb has a job the mrs is very suitable for, but are they against shooting game? (which she loves) - ie. would her enjoyment of game shooting potentially compromise her career within conservation?

    personally I don't see why you can't do both

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    Once the whackos in the RSPB find out she shoots birds then I would assume they will make her life a living hell at work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Once the whackos in the RSPB .
    priceless kevin

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    I would advise her to apply, get an interview and find out a bit more about the job and get a feel for the people involved. Nothing lost in doing that. Better than wondering 'What if?' Glyn.

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    The RSPB doesn't directly oppose game shooting, as long as it's legal. In fact it takes place on some of their land, where it has been the condition of a bequest that shooting is allowed to continue.

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    She should go for it. The RSPB carry out pest control on some of their reserves and whilst a cynic would question it, their official line is that they are neutral on shooting.

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    Get her to go for it, if she gets the job (or indeed doesn't) and gets discriminated against for her shooting interests the RSPB will be in breach of employment regulatons. atb Tim

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    U'd be mad not to go for it, not an awful lot of jobs around in the conservation/environmental scene esp if semi local and choice be even more limited if u won't work for th
    ose type of groups. Mibee she can try and educate some of the 'whacko's' from the inside.

    When i was first asked to join local wildlife trust commitee they did look at me a bit strange as i'm the only shooter and the rest are total bunny huggers. I'm trying to educate them slowly, and it means i can influence some of the guest speakers, we've had simon lester (head grouse keeper, langholm project) and hopefully someone from the game conservancy this year to talk about predator control. Can see that going down well althou they still willnae let me set larsen traps for corbies and then they wonder why very few birds ever hatch never mind fledge young

    Good luck if she decides to go for it

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    Go for it. If she's successful it's good to be close to your enemy (potential).

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    No reason she shouldn't be fine; wouldn't mention it in the interview, unless directly questioned. I know a few members of the RSPB who shoot in one form or another. Me for one.

    I know a (possibly former - but not because of shooting) employee who did a fair bit of pest control.

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