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Thread: Swarovski, binos and scope, opticron sppoting scope

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    Prices reduced Swarovski, binos and scope, opticrom spotting scope

    My own personal scope, bino's and range spotting scope

    Swarovski 3-12 x 50 L, 4a reticule, 30mm tube, lens's un-marked with original box and papers etc, tube has a few marks having been swopped from rifle to rifle. looking for 675.00 inc post (sold)

    Swarovski 7x42 SLC Bino's these have a tiny mark on one of the lens which you can't actually see when looking through them, only when you look at the objective lens otherwise in excellent condition. I had considered sending them off to gat the len's swopped out but to be looked at it last night with Danpd on here and it seems a waste of money as the mark is not visible in use. looking for 550 inc post for them

    Opticron is60 F scope 25x mag optics in perfect condition few very light marks from use been stored in a box for a few years comes with Folding ally stand 110.00 inc post

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    Just to say that these Binos are immaculate, other than the mark on the lens, which is not a scratch, more of a rub on the coating approx 2mmx3mm in size, very nice set of binos.

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    Scope sold pending funds

    Open to offers on binos and spotting scope.


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    Have sent you PM mate .

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    Had a few PM regarding warranty and if its transferable, so i called the importer yesterday and they would have approx. 17 years warranty left and the warranty is attached to the product so they tell me all you have to is register them on line. That said i never registered them to start with so ...

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    Bino's reduced 550.00

    Spotting scope 110.00

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    Binos sold pending funds

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