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Thread: .270 for CWD/Muntjac?

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    .270 for CWD/Muntjac?

    Self and the old man are going down to stalk the smaller deer species in Nov. I've got a .22-250 which he is taking and I'm going to use the .270. I assume this will be fine with soft points? Will 130g be ok or should I try to go heavier? It's tended to shoot the lighter bullets better though.

    Really appreciate yours thoughts. If anything I thought the .270 might zip through rather than mass meat damage? Gun is a sako although I doubt that makes much difference to what ammo it prefers? They all seem to be different!

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    270 will make a bit of a mess of them TBH, but it will be fine. Soft points over BT's for sure. You may find a heavier bullet (150gr) will cause a little less damage - certainly what I have found. Surprised a Sako doesn't like the heavier bullet.
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    It's probably the load with a heavier bullet has not been found. For some reason some barrels are just fussy while others digest just about anything there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it.

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    used 130gr .270 on Roe without problem.

    if you are homeloading a milder load of 27-2800fps makes all the difference but shot placement is the key to any carcase damage

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    I have only used he 270 on one Muntjac a youngish Buck using the sadly discontinued Nosler 130 grain Solid Base bullet and it worked just fine. No more meat loss than one would expect with either a .308 or 6.5x55 and I have shot Muntjac with all three cartridges now.

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    Cheers guys! I'll crack on with some soft points.

    Don't think the 110 vmaxs that I've got just now will be great

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    simply slow the bullets down , if you home load get them going around 2750-2850fps and bullet damage will be minimal !

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    You will be fine Muntjac are a lot tougher than roe havent shot enough CWD to really comment but the 270 will do you proud use whatever bullet you normally do confidence in your kit is paramount. If you use Ballistic Tips dont worry they are fine on muntjac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfowler.250 View Post
    Sorry meant to say I don't homeload!
    The Federal 270 Winchester 150 grain Fusion seems to work well on Roe without doing too much damage. Might be worth a look.

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