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Thread: velevt/perruque etc

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    velevt/perruque etc

    I was just wondering wether a head can be boiled out and the velvet preserved on the antlers. It struck me when I shot the antlered doe and again at this time of year if you take a yearling buck and want to keep the antlers as a record. Dont fancy stripping them and trying to colour afterwards. I only keep the ones for recording purposes in the shed so its only an idle question really.

    Dont really want to open the shoot them in velvet debate, honest

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    As velvet is living tissue it's not as simple as boiling out & drying out a skull in hard horn - any competent taxidermist should be able to do it though. If you leave velvet to simply dry out it will just deteriorate & smell.


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    Cheers Mole

    That sounds like costing money which wasnt the plan, but ta muchly.

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    Was going to post a similar thread. Any body know how to preserve the velvet on antlers DIY ?. Replies much appreciated.

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    I've looked this one up - the Whitehead Encyclopedia of Deer says that antlers in heavy velvet should have the tips cut off & then be hung upside down for any blood to drain off, then they should be dipped in or sprayed with concentrated formaldehyde. The process needs to repeated every two or three years.

    I suspect that a taxidermist would do a better, more reliable job on a special head (such as a perruque) though.

    Hope this helps.


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    Had a nice Roe Buck knocked over on our road a few weeks back and cut the antlers off just below the correnets and then left them in methalated spirts for 4 weeks took them out the other day they look really good.
    I had this idea from a friend who occasionally may use a similar technique with a Fox or Deer Foot to preserve it will just have to see now what happens.
    Not entirely sure but i think the spirts break down the living tissue that will breakdown and cause the smell, so hopefully they wont smell.
    Worth a try maybe....


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