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Thread: Swapping Authorities

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    Swapping Authorities

    I allready have a 6.5x55 + Mod. I have a spare variation on my licence for a .17 and mod.

    Do you think that given that I already have authority for a deer calibre that I would have no problem doing a one for one swap by taking off the .17 and putting on a 270 or 308 for use on larger deer or boar?

    I am leaning more towards the 270 as I could use the same mod for that and the 6.5.


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    Hey up why not put in for a variation and ask for 223 for munties,,270 for red ,and a 3006 for sika i am sure west yorks will be impressed NOT but it worked for me
    Im going after 300win mag and 338 next time

    ps 270 very good all ranges

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    I used to work for West Yorks, on Buttershaw estate Until the people of Canterbury got jealous and asked for me there.

    I am out of the job now so never fear.

    Do you know of any good ranges around Yorkshire that are up for taking on new members.

    I rang the one at Mirfield and got a frosty reception about dead mens shoes etc

    I would love to collect so many rifles, if only I had your money.


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