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Thread: Tracking Collar or Harness

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    Tracking Collar or Harness

    Digby my 15 week WHV pup is doing well. Although growing at a scary speed. He's purely going to be a stalking dog.
    He's walking to heel and sitting on command and following shortish trails from the muntjac in the local wood. I'm taking things slowly with him, and making sure he gets the basics nailed.
    At the moment he's doing any trailing off of the lead but obviously I ought to get him doing this on a tracking lead at some stage. What do you do with your young pups? Collars/harnesses or just keep them on the lead doing this?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Simon .
    Start with a wide tracking collar and a long light leash Niglock are ok. then as he grows get an adjustable harness and my preference is a bio-thane long leash. Also don't just track munties or to many roe as their scent is sweet to a young dog and then when older you may find he is not interested in the larger species cos' they don't smell as nice. i have some web address's if you have a problem sourcing them all the best with Digby in the future.
    Regards Widu.

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    Simon, A good quality tracking harness or collar is not cheap but in the long run more comfortable on the dog and I think easier to work with. Personally I prefer a harness to a collar and to me the fitting of the harness is the "switch" for working mode. In spending a bit of cash on a good harness/collar you will want it to fit the dog fully grown. With my own dog I started with a light collar and leash progressing to a cheapish webbing harness and then the Niggeloh harness (think they are about 80 -90) and Niggeloh tracking leash. The harness is well padded and the leash is light, easily cleaned up and most important tends not to tangle as much as others I have used.

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    Thank you for the all the advice.
    At the moment all of my stalking is on MUntjac, CWD and Roe.
    I'll order up those bits and pieces from Muntjactrading later.
    Many thanks

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