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Thread: Another New Recruit

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    Another New Recruit

    Hello folks - just registered, but I have been lurking around for a while, soaking up the excellent tips and stories on the forum. I have been an occasional stalker for a decade or two, through invitations and such, but last year I put a .22-250 and a .243 on my certificate, sat the DSC1, and have been buying an accompanied day for roe, here and there in Scotland. Shot my first fallow early this year, in the SW (Creeside): beautiful meat.
    For reasons connected with health, my diet is pretty much "Stone Age", and venison is the only red meat I eat. Heart, liver and kidneys are particularly important for me (B vitamins), and I get most upset when I see people feed all that good stuff to their dogs! (Mine get the lungs, if they're lucky...)
    Looking forward to trying to call a buck when I get home from the rig next week: first attempt (Buttolo).
    (Is scraping on the ground actually a useful touch, or just something people do on DVDs?!)

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    welcome and all the best Mackerel

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    Well come to the site,Scraping the ground is not recommended from a 'rig'. ha ha.

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    Welcome to the site, enjoy

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    Welcome, scrapping the ground can work, I have shot bucks without using the call and scrapping the ground.

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    Welcome to SD Mackerel. I find scraping the ground very difficult from a high seat so don't use that method.

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    Welcome to SD...........I think I may have a"stone age diet"...or at least in taste!!

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