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    game feeds

    Im looking for some pheasant pellets up in the north of england. does any one know the best place to get a few bags?

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    How many? Try Steve at Northern Game Feeds. He was the cheapest i could find this year.

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    bit last minute mate

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    its not for me, mine are coming with my birds.
    a keeper friend has been dropped in it and his birds come this week. theirs always somthing int there. my worry with most is the bloody rain

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    Northern Game Feeds - Karen

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    just been out and unloaded 80 bags by hand buggers are flying through it still least there not dying
    regards pete .

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    Got to agree, if they are eating it at least they are still alive !

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    I used to buy mine from Goldthorpes Millers Nr Penistone (Sheffield) alot cheaper than BOCM and Marsdens and I never had any problems with them. You can also get them medicated with a prescription. Telephone 01226 762180
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