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Thread: Feeding deer legsfto dogs

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    Feeding deer legsfto dogs

    I've seen topics about dogs chewing deer legs, so to give willow a more natural diet I gave him some roe legs which he liked. However some large sharp splinters were left on the lawn and gave me a s++t load of grief about feeding him fleas [secretely agreed that ticks might be a problem] and sharp bones in his diet, after all he is adog not a wolf, my question to Morena and other possible vets etc, is will my best mate be at risk from bone splinters if not I'll have to teach him better table manners. In the past he's been disinterested in bones from the butcher, these he liked, mum didn't. I can get another wife but not a dog like him. He ate four lower legs in two days, will probibly get 4 a week? what amount would be o.k. deerwarden and willow

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    Hi deerwarden,
    Carry on with the deer legs. I feed my dogs legs when ever available. Always RAW and they do leave splinters occasionally but of no consequence. You will find that when they empty the faeces is whitish and it can cause constipation so make certain they have a bit of oil or fat in their diet or even some raw liver if you have some spare. The omentum (lacy bit in the gralloch ) often has fat or that around the kidneys will do. Just spread the legs out over the week.
    As for ticks seldom find them on the lower legs as the blood supply there is not to their liking. It is mainly skin, bone and tendons so they tend to climb higher. No fleas on deer. Keds ticks only.

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    I had the same anghst as you !! I also have a willow who loves roe legs , in moderation , as Moreno suggested. A keen treat for tracking you will not get finer than the quarry she /he seeks!!.I do not use my skins for anything other than scenting , so the dogs help me to skin!!! if they wanna tug I let em , occasional runny faeces from change in diet !!!,but on the whole no problems at all. not a leg but just as keen
    Regards Trapper.

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    My dogs love deer heads! They will eat everything including antlers!

    You will only find the odd tooth but they eat them as well. The wife says the kennel looks like a scene from Jurasic Park.

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    My little terrier has a Muntjac leg almost every day! He too leaves splinters and just the tips of the hooves. His teeth and gums are the healthiest you will find on any dog. Hair and tendons are like a toothbrush and dental floss all in one! You can make a 'tracking' game of it too by dragging it to a hiding place in the garden somewhere. Great for starting to train a young dog! He is a gingerish colour himself though which has shocked a few unsuspecting visitors as it sometimes looks like he is eating his own leg!! He does struggle with roe legs though and I wouldn't even bother giving him a Fallow!

    I have only ever bought dog food once when we went away somewhere. He lives on venison scraps and roadkill mainly - mind you ,so do I !! 8)
    As Morena said though, he does do white turds!
    Before someone asks - no I don't!!

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    I've been feeding him liver , hearts, kidneys and legs since I posted the question, as Morena said not too much liver all at once. As M/S said legs keep his teeth and gums in good condition, He loves the meat raw, his condition has improved tremendously, freeze the liver and you end up with lots of blood for laying a trail for tracking all great fun for him and me. thanks all for imput deerwarden

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    Since I never get to keep the carcass of any deer I shoot (all bought days) - although I shall ask to have the legs next time! - I feed my dogs the offal from the rabbits I shoot. As Morena says, I split the livers up over several days as too much gives them the runs.

    Haven't tried feeding them whole carcasses yet (skin on , bones in) as the are both breeding bitches and I don't want to get any punctured intestines from splintered bones! I understand that others do feed their dogs (mine are terriers) whole carcasses and don't have problems with bones though...?

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    My dog eat all the unwanted deer bits, head, legs,pluck and the liver and sometimes the tripe if i can be botherd to clean it.
    This pic shows a pricket head after about six hours

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    hmm, never given the dogs a head for fear of them having problems passing the teeth it really ok to just toss in a head and should i sking it first?

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    I just chuck the roe heads in the kennel and they end up just like the one in cookingfats photo. Roe legs no problemfeeding them.
    Should have moose bones at the end of October. the dogs love those.

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