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Thread: Testing Photobucket

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    Testing Photobucket

    It works! Thanks Duggers for helping me help you and then you helping me...or something?
    For my next trick...A Grass Snake! Daa...Daaaaa!

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    well done beowulf,
    glad i could help you after you put me in the right direction, great muntjac by the way!!

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    Thanks Duggers! You should have seen his Dad!! There were two Grass Snakes coiled up together, but I disturbed them. I picked one up and it tried to get up my sleeve. I screamed, dropped it quickly and ran away like a girl!! It was okay though, I didn't hurt it, just deafened it with my whimpy screams!

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    please could you help me? don't know how to work it must be stupid i think

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    How far have you got Stone? If you have your pictures in photo bucket just left click once on the column underneath that says img code, it will come up copied in a yellow box. Then double right click and press copy. Then put it in a thread. I think? you may need Professor Duggers to help, he asked me, I didn't know so he figured it out then told me! I hate reading instructions!!!

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    i have sent stone a pm with instructions, hope it helps!!

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    Now the Munty picture has resized and is upside down! How did that happen!!!???

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    do you mean on here or on photobucket?
    looks fine on here?

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    Why do people always have to post pictures of snakes. Deer are fine. Puppies and/or kittens are wonderful.

    Snakes are not good! Down with snakes!


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