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Thread: St.Hubert Club of Great Britain trophy medals.

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    St.Hubert Club of Great Britain trophy medals.

    Bronze status trophy medals in presentation boxes.
    Believed made by The Tower Mint.
    These are in new condition and not marked in any way.

    Four available at 10 each post paid.


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    One sold 3 to go !

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    Remaining three sold pending completion.
    Thanks all.


    The books of The Saint Hubert Club of Great Britain are still for sale due to non-payment by the prospective purchaser.
    My apologies to the other 3 persons who applied and I rejected due to the other individual.
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    Can I take the books please. I shall be in Penrith in two weeks time so can collect and pay
    lakelander and heym rifles.

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    Certainly Sir.
    I shall be at home as I am now on an electric scooter and do not get far away unless I get a lift.
    I will PM you my landline phone number and other details so you can contact me.

    Regards, HWH.

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