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    Location, location

    I have just returned from a couple of hours in a high seat situated in area where I know there to be a promising roebuck. Normally I would persevere until the light started to fail, but this evening a bout of thunder and lightning sent me packing early. I know the chances of a lightning strike are slim but being halfway up a tree and carrying a lump of metal would not improve the odds. This set me thinking about what would happen if the unthinkable occurred and I had been incapacitated by said thunderbolt. I would hope that my normal safety precautions would kick in. Before I leave the house for a lone stalk I have always informed my wife or one of my sons of my proposed stalking area. Obviously it would be impossible to state my exact location but I always name the wood or other area in which I intend to be, and in the case of my wife I always ask her to repeat that name. If no one is at home when I go out I leave a note of my proposed location in a prominent position in the kitchen. I have done this for many years and it has now become second nature. Fortunately this precaution has never been acted upon, but at least I go out with the knowledge that someone will eventually find me in the event of an accident whereby I can't use my mobile or am otherwise incommunicado. I have mentioned this ingrained habit of mine to several of my stalking colleagues, some of whom seem to think I'm taking safety precautions a tad too far. Am I?

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    on my local pemission i leave my vehicle parked in certain spot so the few houses about know i,m out shooting, people at home know where i,ve gone and pop and see farmer and tell him where i,m heading. so should owt go wrong i hope i,d be found and after my scotland feasco when up there we all have our mobiles on us 24/7 (and i know name of forest and farm now lol)
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    Have you ever seen what happens to a tree when it gets hit by lightening?
    It explodes!!
    The water inside of it instantly turns to water vapour and that being of a larger volume causes the tree to explode.
    Next time I'd suggest get down from the seat put you rifle against the tree a sit a good distance away from the tree until the storm passes. You probably stood just as good chance of being hit walking back to your car with a metal rod sticking up from your back!!

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    Some sound advice teyhan 1. At the time I was also soaked due to only wearing light clothing and 4x4 was only 100m away so I took the chance.

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    If lightening had hit the tree your high seat had been in you wouldnt need to worry about needing the emergency services.

    As previous poster detailed; tree strikes can be quite dramatic.

    If you highseat was up against a tree close to a tree that was struck, there is also the risk of arc and current running through the metal of the high seat.

    If any threat of lightening I would urge all stalkers to get the hell out of high seats ASAP.

    better safe than sorry



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    A good friend of mine was struck by lightning at the fillongley show a few years back
    He is a quite a short guy
    So I am guessing it may not matter where you sit or stand to keep cover from the storm
    If it strikes in your immediate area you are probably in trouble
    He did survive and is still about to day living a normal life
    Very lucky man I would say

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    Also forgot to mention that having a mobile is also probably useless if you get hit because it would probably fry the electronics

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    Probably best to stay indoors then next time I see a black cloud coming over the Malvern Hills!

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