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Thread: German wirehared pups

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    German wirehared pups

    My gwp bitch has just had her second mating.
    if she has taken the pups will be due mid sept.
    she went to a local pro stalkers dog that works full time on deer
    pedigrees available on request regards pete

    .Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG0041.JPG 
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ID:	18442 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG0045 - Copy.JPG 
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Name:	IMAG0051.JPG 
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    Sire's pedigree
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EPSON004.jpg 
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ID:	18441
    Dam's pedigree
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	peds.jpg 
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ID:	18446
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    im working on the payer of the bills mate, after seeing how ellie is and how she works id snap your hand off to have one. shes a cracking animal and i will keep you informed as soon as i know anything.

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    yeah id keep working on dad if i was you mate ive seen you shoot you need a good dog. lol regards pete

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    haha cheers mate, i blame my mentor! seriously though after seeing the way she is and what she can do then id be happy to have one if i could. just a bit big for me to hide. ill keep on at him

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    guys just updated main thread bitch is defo in pup due begining sept
    both dam and sire work soley on deer sire full time pro stalkers dog
    four pups alllready accounted for .
    any more info just reply or pm regards pete

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    Hi Pete, I've got my own way so would it be possible to have one of the pups please mate? Dog preferably. Cheers bud

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    no problem zig will sort that out for you mate regards pete .

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    Have you a number so I can have a chat I'm only after a bitch if any spare.


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    D S pm replied to regards pete .

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    guys happy to report bitch had 12 healthy strong pups this morning 8 bitches and 4 dogs

    bitches will be 600 pounds dogs 550 p m if interested or for any info

    regards pete

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