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Thread: Posting an Advert !!!

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    Posting an Advert !!!

    Right Guys, what am i doing wrong?
    Tried twice yesterday to post an Advert
    in Classified (vehicles) and its not there!!!
    I've been a member for more than 2 years and i
    have the required number of posts--so no problem there.
    Signed on and opened Classified, opened Vehicles, clicked
    'Post thread'. Entered all the details and even managed to
    upload a couple of Pic's onto the thread. Then clicked View
    Post and saw what it would look like actually on the page.
    So far, so good.
    Clicked post thread, went back to Forum and browsed a
    while and then Logged off.
    Had a look in again a couple of hours later and no Ad on yet.
    Thinking i had made a mistake, i posted the Ad again and Logged
    It's still not on?!?!
    What am i missing or doing wrong (thisbeing my first attempt to post an Ad)
    Cheers in advance for the help!!

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    Are you trying to put on pics that are too large. Try putting up the ad without pics. You may have to downsize the pics, jim

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    Thanks for the advice J123.
    Tried posting it again this morning as per your
    advice with no pics attached and its's still not on.
    If i'd done anything wrong or posted it in the
    wrong place, i thought i would have heard from Admin.
    I'll give it a little more time to appear and see what happens.
    Any more advice would be appreciated.

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    As far as I can see the posts were never made. Or at least never completed...

    You post an ad in exactly the same way you post a thread. You did press the 'Submit New Thread' button at the bottom?

    Did you get a confirmation? You will either get a confirmation or an error explaining why it didn't post.
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    Thanks for that csl.
    I got neither a confirmation message or an error message!!
    Do i have to stay logged on for a certain amount of time after posting??
    I think i may have logged off too soon if that is the case!
    I,ll try again later this morning and let you know how i get on.

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    So what happened after you pressed the submit button?

    You managed to create this thread.... posting an advert is exactly the same process, the site sees them as one and the same!

    The only difference is that in Classifieds you have to choose a prefix (For Sale, Wanted etc). If you don't then it will return an error telling you to choose a prefix.

    Try again, only this time wait and read exactly what it comes back with after pressing submit.
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