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Thread: Neck rezing die

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    Neck rezing die

    Where can i buy a new pin for the die. It broke last night and cnt seem to find any on the internet. Anyone got a suggestion?

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    Reloading Solutions in the midlands I broke mine phoned them and they put one in the post

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    cant find anywhere that has these pins for the lee collet die any help please?

    i did however find a lee universal pin but have no idea if they fit a collet die or not. becoz the one i need is a 243 but this one is universal so no idea if it will or u need an actuall size specific one. can anyone enlighten me?

    i did find another pin on the lee website that i think is the correct one but you only get this in the us which i dnt want to spend money on postage for a tiny pin that cost £2 and the postage £10. any help would be great.
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    Try Norman Clark,I had a pin break a few weeks ago,was a berdan primed case in amongst boxer primed cases,my die was rcbs but they keep lee stuff!pack of 5 was £2.40 plus £1.60 postage

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    Just E-mail Lee, sent me a new one free of charge.
    In the end I never fitted it as I prefer to de-prime separately, unfortunately for you it was for .223rem.


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    thanks ill try an email see where that gets me

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