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Thread: Winchester super 'x'

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    Question Winchester super 'x'

    Bought some winchester super 'x' 80gr .243 softpoints yesterday and they were 27 for 20
    But i also bought some winchester super 'x' 150gr .308 softpoints too and they were 22 for 20

    Anyone have any idea why the .243 rounds cost more than the .308 rounds??

    Is it that more people shoot .243 than .308?

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    Possibly old versus new stock price

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    I did ask him and he said it was all new stock, as they get a good turn over of ammo.
    I also asked about the price difference and he didn't know why either!
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    Have you not tried PPU/PRVI Partisan's in .243? No noticeable difference in accuracy at 100yds between these and federals, and I payed 60 for 100 rounds (12 for 20)

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    Not tried em mate - haven't found anywhere that sells em up here

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    My gun shop got them in for me on request mate - it's a popular calibre down here because of all the roe and flat land. Worth a go getting them in if you can, they look a bit rough as I think they use fireformed cases but they shoot really well.

    A couple of the pro's down here use them as they do so much shooting on deer parks etc they say it saves them hundreds of pounds a year. For an obessive plinker/zero-er like me it probably saves about the same!

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    Just phoned 1 of the gunshops i use and the guy told me "we don't stock it as its crap"
    Maybe he doesn't make any profit on it???
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    Weird! Maybe he's never tried it? I have to say they don't look very impressive - apart from the budget box the rounds themselves look like used cases with cheap-looking heads... In fact my mate said "They look like my wifes had a go at homeloading"

    They shoot the same as federal premiums at 100yds though so I'm happy with them.

    Knocked down a fair few deer and foxes with them so far, so confidence with them is very high.

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    I've just got 100 federal (hornady) .243 brass - its in the tumbler as i write
    Got varget & N140 with cci large rifle primers so just need some .243 bullets
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    YEh, I used super x for a while and am now using Federal, but it`s still too bloody dear !!.

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