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Thread: Gunsmithing advice can anyone help Please!

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    Gunsmithing advice can anyone help Please!

    Hi All,

    Is there anyone on here that I could get some gun smithing advice from?
    I want to install a metal sling swivel on to the top of barrel right at the muzzle thus converting my R93 into a tracker R93 reason being I want to reduce the over all length of the rifle I’m sick of the gun getting caught in branches whilst dragging an animal. I am wondering if some good person could advice me
    What way will I attach it glue it or what? or could this ruin the accuracy of the rifle.
    Note: I have the part I got it form my local blaser dealer.


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    On traditional English rifles the barrel mounted sling loop or just eye was soldered onto the barrel like so:-

    Old time German makers did the same. Of course soldering with silver solder of Hi-Force solder will damage the barrels finish.

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    Isn't that the one that fits as a band passing through the front sight base and secured by a hollow 'Corby' type pinch bolt? If so, you would need to remove the front sight, slip the band over the barrel loosely, refit the front sight (making a groove across the sight base if it hasn't got one), and then tighten the band bolt with the band in the right position.

    Or (thinking about it) is it the one with the bit just underneath the barrel, directly below the front sight? It would help if you could post a picture of the part you have.

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    You want to shorten the barrel ,then fit a sling swivel, a clamp will do the job without problems if you don't use the sling as a tension strut when shooting,if you shorten the barrel,what about recrowning and front sight?

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    I want to install it on to my rifle like the attached photo

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    Go to Catalogue 7

    download the rifle accessories catalogue, i think one of those barrel bands would work, Alan Rhone can supply Recknagel in the UK

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    The photo helps. I think that the other side should look like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    and is very much like the barrel band I referred to earlier BUT if you look at the photo you posted (and much larger and clearer versions scattered around the web) the band is nowhere to be seen when the barrel is viewed from the other side. I've seen these with the band and so either they have been ditched in favour of soldering on a fitting or someone in the PR department got carried away with Photoshop.

    Can you describe the part you said you've got?


    PS Just about to reply to your PM

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