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Thread: Swarovski Z6i owner question????

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    Swarovski Z6i owner question????

    What are you guys using as covers for the Z6i???
    I use an Accucover on the eye of my Habicht with a Butler creek on the objective, but they don't look like they would be suitable for the eye end of the Z6i. Any alternatives?? (It's a 2-12 x 50)

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    MS - if you can stomach the cost, Swarovski are doing their own aluminium covers that screw on the the threads of the objective - very neat - and effective. There are eyepiece ones too.
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    Size 20 butler creek will goes on fine.

    I have the swaro ones on order so, I'll let you know.

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    just had a look at the Swaro SLP ones - very nice!
    However, found them for sale via 'Bushwear' - 62 EACH!!!!!!!!!!
    I suppose they should last longer than the Butlers though? They don't seem to last like they used to. I was very impressed with the Accucover up until the point that the green release catch 'pinged' out recently!
    I've got an MTC Mamba scope which is a relatively budget scope and comes with some excellent fitted aluminium covers as standard. Why don't expensive scopes come with them as standard? I think it would be a major selling feature!

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    I have got the swaro ones on order but I am just using the bikini ones that came with the scope at the moment. Never had much success with the butler creek ones.

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    It looks like they screw in like a sunshade on a S&B? Wonder if it's the same thread? Doubt I would be that lucky!!!

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