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Thread: dsc1 wadhurst

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    dsc1 wadhurst

    just wonderd if any one else on sd is doing dsc1 at wadhurst park at the end of september


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    Hi Steve

    I did it in May so PM me if you have any queries. It was a v good course but read that manual and also be as good as you can on deer recognition before you go.Plus get on the range and be comfy with the task ahead.

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    thanks for the offer trimex im reasonably comfortable with the questions & deer id, the shooting bit im ok with [ sub inch at 100m of quad sticks]
    so now just waiting for end of sept & keep reading threw the Q & As over & over again
    i expect the nerves will kick in at the last min

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    Recommend the deer data cd, combine that with the folder and have a steady ongoing read up on both prior to with the quizzes on the cd it will keep you sharp, listen to the instructors the answers will come to you on the tests.

    Shooting test, practice all the disciplines, prior to, if poss use someone else's gear and then come back to your own, it will help you to settle in with the shooting, sitting, kneeling disciplines with your own gear, the quad sticks may not be an asseton the day you could be in a queue, I would practice with a tripod that is the norm generally. Good luck, wadhurst is a cracking place to see Deer. Enjoy

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    Looks like I shall be attending the last two days for assessment only - hope to see you there
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