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Thread: leopould redfield or nighteater for hmr

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    leopould redfield or nighteater for hmr

    As above, picking up my .17HMR on Friday and will be looking to see what scope I want to sit on it, at the moment I have narrowed it down to these 3, the Leopould and the Redfield look the same, cost the same and are made by the same company but are there any differences in quality of glass e.t.c.? also a slightly cheaper option would be the night eater. all 3 would be a 4-12 magnification range and I don't really want to differ from that. not a fan of fixed magnification on Rimfire rifles, I have looked through all of the threads on here and saw what other people are using, I am not a big fan of MTC as I once had one on a air rifle and didn't like it at all. I want something that's half decent but wont cost the earth, what would you recommend?

    many thanks

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    my money would be going on the leupold.
    Got a vx111 on my deer rifle and more than happy with its performance.
    I believe the redfield is the budjet version, not had a look through one yet though.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    My advice would be to have a look through them , i personally put a bushnell elite 4200 on mine fine for day time and lamping but was next to useless when i went down the nv add on route ,as side pa is preferable so i switched to an ags swat ,i wouldn't dismiss the mtc scopes out of hand either

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    I have a Leupold on my HMR, not that that should influence you, look through them all!

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    ended up getting a leopould vx1 4-12x50, thanks for everyones help, very chuffed!

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