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Thread: another incident

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    another incident

    local to me this time

    ery disturbing, makes me quite upset...

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    Just heard this on the radio, could'nt believe my ears when the keeper said.... it would be acceptable if they where taking them home to feed the family....

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    Really disgusting.....
    We had the same about 10 years agon in one of my areas at the Netherlands border.
    Some guys (making money with illegal business like prostitution and dealing drugs) came over at late evening or night, scouting for deer, releasing some bulldog dogs and other breeds used for dog fights and killing the deer.
    I had one "meeting them" in the woodlands at night, I had to leave very quick, after these guys told me (no doubt about their willings), that they are going to keep on with their way of dogs sport. I got told that I would get into big problems, which they would solve immediately, if I would try to stop them....
    After closer contact to the police this slaughtering stopped after they got arrested for their way of "business", they never got accused for their "sport"....

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    what I dont understand is why more estates dont use MMS enabled trail cams.
    they are cheap and despite the losses you may incur of the odd one being nicked you will undoubtedly gather evidence and be alerted to activity in real time.

    not suggesting you confront the people but at least you know where the photo is coming from and time

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    Thermal sight and a flat shooting round, expensive but good for the soul.

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    This is happening with increasing frequency round my way.
    Several carcasses (both sexes) found stuffed under whin bushes with only the back end/ haunches removed.
    Wildlife officers have been consulted etc & some measures in place but its very hard to control

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    Here we go,

    I doubt that any poachers are releasing "pit bull dogs" etc to poach dear.
    I don`t condone it but can just imagine how over dramatised this report is..

    Bring on the dog shooting hardmen !

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