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Thread: Shooting Times

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    Shooting Times

    The ST has again run an article by Mr Downing singing the praises of the deer initiative.

    I have contacted 2 regional offices and had no sense whatsoever. Why is the Shooting press getting on the bandwagon?

    A mate of mine contacted the regional DI for Essex and suggested he would be available to assist with Group culls etc and would be prepared to travel. The DI guy actually said "no, we have to think about our carbon footprint" Needless to say they didnt take his details for file.

    I have written to the ST cos I think its just lazy journalism when they run articles without challenge. Their other stalking article lambasts a guy for suggesting a lot of stalking is being run like an Old Boys Network. Isnt it?

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    I haven't seen the article , being an in frequent buyer of the mag, yet but a posting last month , I suggested back door bandits!!!.

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    I think you both hit it on the head
    must look for my old school tie
    Good school but the name slips my mind
    the Queen (god bless her)was the founder
    it started HMP something ?
    so i should be in with a chance then

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    I too have contacted the DI on the number which they have surplied at the end of the article and got told "they Don't keep a data base of stalkers" and was given a number for my regional officer, I have now left 2 messages and no responce

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    well i wouldn't hold your breath on anything they say or do , i have had dealings with them for the last two years in regard to cull plans , setting up a deer management group etc and to say i am disappointed with there methods and general lack of public relations is an understatement, i don't doubt that the theory behind setting up the organization was a good one , but in theory so is communism ! !

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    One sad aspect is that BASC are using the DI headed documents for deer. So nice and cozy.

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    perhaps Basc should invest more money in printing their own literature instead of using the DI's literature.


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    The 'DI' was responsible for a very large Fallow cul at Bowood Estate,and,it was expecting to be doing the next one,but,they were kicked out of it,so,people are begining to realise just what they are up to.........'M'

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    Who gets do the kicking? I thought the deer initiative had at least some authority?

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