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Thread: Grouse beating

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    Grouse beating

    I appreciate it may not be the best year for the grouse what with the poor weather and such like . . .however if any keepers are looking for beaters in the South West Scotland area I am able and willing.

    Drop me a PM


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    do you get a beaters day????

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    A beating for asking more like

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    Depending where u are and wot days u are available, but could prob get u on 1 moor in sw scot, think usually mon or tues and usually 4/5 days most seasons depending on birds. (could mibee take u down to another i go picking up on in north yorks depending on how many are in my motor, different kettle of fish down there)
    Unfortunately most of the scottish moors dinae tend to have keepers days, atleast not on the grouse(or i'm mibee jist not invited), dinae really have the numbers that they do else where, so any surpluss birds is generally sold/shot by owners to try and break even. Very few moors in ccotland will make a profit year on year

    I'll speak to the keeper towards end of month and give u a shout.

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    Texting keeper the day, got 4 days penciled in at mom, althou he's held the count off till next week to see if there any later broods coming throu. He said not looking overly good at min but u never know, they sometimes like to surprise the boss . Anyway 3 of dates are midweek and a sat give me pm later next week if u still fancy it, it's a fairly hard day there althou i'm sure ur expecting that anyway, not many easy days on grouse

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    Hi Countryboy, Just let me know the dates when you can mate.
    Either drop me a PM or give me a call on the bat phone, sorry the deer phone number below.

    PM sent to you.

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