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Thread: Harkila Guarantee?

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    Harkila Guarantee?

    I have a pro hunter that I bought about 3 years ago and it has been spot on but the other day i was wearing it in torrential rain (as you do in July) and it started letting water in on the front.

    Feels like it is coming in just about the bellows pockets, whatever way it is soaking the hand warmer pockets.

    Now the big question is how non fuss is the guarantee? I cant actually remember where i bought it, Outdoor Action or something similar (does anyone know where it might have been from that terrible clue maybe?)

    Are they like a leatherman where you just take them to a stockist and the stockist sends them away to Harkila and you either have a new one back or they fix it?

    I really like it but wont be replacing at the prices that have reached now.



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    Pro Hunter jackets have a 5yr guarantee. They will most likely send it back to Harkila in Denmark for testing, or to their local Gore-Tex testing facility. Its its repairable they will repair it, it not just replace it.

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    Yes but do i have to take it back to the place i got it or will any Harkila stockist be able to send it away (as is the case with the leatherman warranty)

    Having trouble remembering where i got it and trying to find the place isnt yielding much luck

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    the dealer i purchased my pro hunter jacket from wouldnt take it back after the zip broke on it as i didnt have the original recipt ( which he could have printed me of a copy as his system was all computerised) so i chanced my mit with another gun shop i used ! they spoke to the harkila rep then sent my jacket back for me ! a week later a new jacket arrived to hassle and no cost to me

    atb smudge

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    like smudge said. Usually if you take it to a Harkila stockist, even if it's not where you bought it from and they will contact the rep to try and get it sorted out. Well, that's if they have good customer service anyway!

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    I took my pro hunter trousers back after about 4 years and they were replaced within 24 hrs.


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