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Thread: airdale terrier

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    airdale terrier

    Does anyone have any experience of working Airdales with deer? Are they any good? Not sure about the spelling

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    Hey Tusker, I'm picking up my Airedale bitch tonight!!!! Did you have any joy with this breed and the end of the day. I need a versatile dog......I know many say it can't be done........with the right dog and patience it can. I hope to have this dog rough shooting, tracking and the hardest retrieving wildfowl over long distance in the chopiest of waters Lough Neagh which can see 1-2m waves. Not that I would send a dog out in those conditions. I am an experienced springer man, but I am going to think outside the box on this one............kind of excited will either make or break me.

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    Penny Taylor who writes for Countrymans weekly and has wrote several books has a working Airedale (not a deer dog), believe its one of the redline bred dogs.

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    they used to be used as police dogs, very inteligent but a one man dog,

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    Best advice I was given when looking for a dog for deer was.......any breed will find deer....just needs a nose )) ...simple as that. I am using a Border terrier and she is cracking at only 8 months, sure she gets it wrong sometimes but she is still learning, as am I, I too get it wrong...more than her too. I think in years too come you will see alot more dogs that arent the 'traditional' dogs as such.

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    Got my 9weeks old.

    The menace to society on the right is the woman's dog.......a walking tea cosy but hilarious when it goes bonkers and tries to tear apart the wife's cat.

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