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    Timney trigger

    I am about to order a Timney trigger for my Parker Hale .270 it is the Safari model . Most probably built in the 60,s. Do I need the Mauser 98 or do I need the Mauser 98K trigger unit ? many thanks in advance.

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    I don't kno what the difference between the Timney's is............................... sorry.

    However you have realised that if you go witht eh side safety one then you have some work inletting the stock for it.

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    It is said that Parker Hale's later "en bloc" trigger units that just, in theory, drop into place on a Mauser were early "Timney type" units. If you contact Joe Beatham at Gunshop East Barnet (he has an internet site) he has a box FULL of said P-H trigger units!

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    email T-Bone from Timney, he'll sort you out (PS. I'm not joking)

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