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Thread: Possible trip to Ireland.

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    Possible trip to Ireland.

    Just wondering how much trouble it would be to take my rifle to Ireland as I have a chance to go and stalk sika.

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    It's very easy send your European firearms licence and a copy of Inc to your host he needs to send you a form for a hunting licence you fill it in send it back to your host he fills his bit in takes it all to the guarda station where u will be hunting gets it all signed all comes back to you a away u go . Remember it all takes about 8 weeks so get it sent early and u will need to fly over as you can't take ammo and guns on the ferry one or the other , you can take both on the plane


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    Get in contact with the NPWS, they are extremely helpful and will help you organise your visitors hunting permit.
    You will need written confirmation from from the landowner that you have permission to hunt deer, a copy of your visitors liscence and they will issue a stalking permit.

    National Parks and Wildlife Service,
    Main Street,
    Co. Monaghan
    Telephone 042-9748754
    00 353 42 9748754 from the UK.

    Ps, it's probably easier to travel across by boat rather than fly.

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    I think the prohibition on ammo only applies to fast ferries, so you could ask your host what ammo he can source for you and zero your rifle accordingly. dont forget you are actually applying for two licences,-deer hunting licence and non res firearm cert. now is a good time to start as deer licences are issued from beginning august onwards, and are valid from 1st september to end of following august regardless of date of issue. you can download the application from . Ireland is supposed to have agreed that a photocopy of the EFP is acceptable, but i wouldnt bank on the local guard knowing that. I always insist on getting my friends EFP back in person after the application is lodged. on one occasion they were shredding the paperwork after the application had been approved and the EFP went too! advise declaring firearm when booking boat, apart from anything else they often put you near the ramp for quick getaway. i carry rifle and ammo on belfast crossing, and used to on norfolk line to liverpool before they ceased the service

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