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Thread: Boar attractant

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    Boar attractant

    would any of you boar controllers be interested in a natural pheronome to attract the male of the species this is not a joke a friend of mine is looking into something which may come off if you have an interest let me know

    Paul D

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    My mate has just recieved some of this now from the supplier i can reveal that it is a natural waste product from an on heat sow that is at her peak for mating ideal for all you boar hunters out there he is willing to send some samples out around 4floz free of charge to the first 10 people who are willing to give it a go as a trial please let me know

    thanks all the best
    Paul D

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    Does it work on the sows at the nightclub?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_hooks View Post
    Does it work on the sows at the nightclub?
    My guess is not as well as a couple of Bacardi and cokes.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    boar sniff

    wots the cost of this sniff mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    My guess is not as well as a couple of Bacardi and cokes.

    showing your age there dom, these days its bacardi breezer or some similar tart fuel.

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    Try to get it from the source itself. One of my syndicatemembers has a contact at a pigfarm. When a sow is in heat and just before she gets mounted by the male boar she, most of the time, lets go her urine. At that moment the farmer puts a bucket underneath to collect this sow urine. We put it in bottles and use it to attract keilers by spraying it around the high seat.
    Look up Ross his story about his keiler beeing shot. He came for the scent of this urine.
    Unfortunately we misplaced the bucket full of "sow in heat" urine during our removal to our new house. Must have a search where it is now, use the nose instead of the eyes might work

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    hi lads thanks for the replies will pm details tonight when i get home from work

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    Paul tell Kevin i,l do him a swap , a key to the hotel for a sample
    Will be cold sleeping outside in November
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    Colin he had a key last time he just could not use it mate i tried it in the morn opened straight away will leave a big blanket for him next time i think yours is on the way up mate just save a couple for us the missus wants another Goat so may have to walk up the hill as well

    speak soon Paul D

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