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Thread: FAC's, Proofing and Variations

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    FAC's, Proofing and Variations

    Had an interesting chat with A&S Firearms dept today. I have just got my ticket back from its renewal having requested that my 243 Win space be listed as 6mm. This was requested so that when I get my Sako rebarrelled to 6x47 lapua it would be legitimate on my ticket.

    The ticket came back with 243 listed again. I called the Firearms Dept to ask if they made a mistake and whether they could do the change. The reason they gave for not making the change is because every time a rifle has a proof/reproof for a part replaced (ie not threading the current barrel), the owners FAC must go back to the licensing dept for approval...
    Even if you get your barrel replaced in the same calibre this is still the case.

    I will have to put a variation in... another 2 week wait then

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    That can't be right, can it? Sometime I think A&S make it up as they go along!

    RE: 2 weeks for a variation - I wish!

    Mine is in with A&S for a variation at the moment (3 weeks and counting). Everyone I have spoken to so far has told me that someone else is dealing with it so I am starting to think they have lost it.

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    That can't be right, can it?
    That's what i said - the lady who dealt with it (Liz) was very helpful, but insisted that my FAC had to be returned for a variation... even though the calibre had not changed. Very confusing and very irretating. What do they plan put on the variation, change 243 to 6mm - which is what I asked for in the first place and thus saving all this hassel

    I am not sure if the licensing teams have knowledge of or are trained on firearms' calibres. I am not convinced that they realise that 243 is 6mm

    I mentioned to her that maybe it was an idea for them to publise this sort of information on their website.

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    Chops all fair points but a 243 is not a 6x47, nor a 6mm is a 243 wssm etc etc. So in all intents and purposes the bore has not change but the calibre has. That may be the problem.



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    Nuttyspaniel - I know where you are coming from, but I did speak with a couple of gunsmiths about this. The calibre is different from the cartridge; FAC's address calibre.

    My FAC does say 243 and not Winchester (Win) 243. I have heard of target chaps that have 6mm on their tickets (granted not in A&S area) as they are re-barreling their shooters all of the time. I just wonder whether they submit their tickets for a variation every time they put a new tube on?

    Just hope A&S don't take too long...



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    I was having major trouble with A&S,so,I contacted S.A.C.S. and,they sorted them out in double quick time,so,if I was you I would do just the same.I had previously tried the same with B.A.S.C. and got nowhere,so,it is definitely worth a try.And,if you have to join them in order to do it,then please tell them that I had told you about what hey had done for me.....................'M'

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    I hope that don't need to go down that route, but really appreciate the pointer. If I do, I will let them know it was you that put me in their direction



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    I've just done this. My fac had a slot for a .243 rifle [not .243 Win] When I sent the rifle for proof after rebarreling I had it proofed as a .243x47 [identical to a 6x47]

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    I'm with dasherman on this: 6x47 is a wildcat, so when you take it to proof, you supply the proof rounds. So just call it what you like: 243 Chops??? Have it engraved on the barrel by the proof house then the Police can't really argue.

    I've got a Wildcat barrel, I called it 6 x 51 Lapua, fine except that my mate the gunsmith insisted that it should my name instead, and so my name is on the barrel...

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    Mat & Dasherman... that is a great idea; I like the sound of 243 Chops!!!

    I will have a word with my gunsmith and see what he can sort out...

    Mat -
    when you take it to proof, you supply the proof rounds.
    How are proof rounds made up? What constitues them in terms of powder load/pressure required?



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