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Thread: 162 a max

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    162 a max

    can you use 162 amax for vermin and deer from a 7mm rem mag will they expand or not as they look the nuts 33pound for 100 compared to 52pound for the noslers i normaly get

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    Strickly speaking you shouldn't use them on vermin or deer as they are classes as a "non expanding target bullet".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    Strickly speaking you shouldn't use them on vermin or deer as they are classes as a "non expanding target bullet".
    I think you'll find that... "strictly speaking" you can shoot target with them because they are not "classed" as "designed or adapted" to expand, their tendancy to do so being merely an "incidental" fact. Which is an entirely different proposition to what you just wrote.

    However, since they most certainly do expand no-one, with any true authority in the matter, has ever said you may not lawfully use them on deer.

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    ok so they are deer killers but not designed for the purpose for deer shooting bit like berger vlds target round but very good on deer big game il try them on fox see what happens if they pencil straight throe il give them a miss on deer thanks for replys one last thing could you be charged for using them on fox deer one last thing gun dealer marked noslers on tikket but not the a max is this normal

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    A-max expand. The expand a little too well under some circumstances. They will kill a deer humanely so long as you do your part but damage can also vary with the distance you are shooting at. I wouldn't base your decision on one fox. They are going to perform differently on a bigger animal so you are better off just trying them.

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    ok bud well it is a 7mm rem mag so not a short gun if you get what i mean pushed to over 3100fps the 162g is moving i sight it in at 200yards this will try a roe see what damage it will do i gess from your post you have used them with varing results pin hole blow to bits thanks for reply

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    They work very well at around 2600 fps, I suspect that they might be too fragile at 3100.
    The 208gr 30 cal works well at that sort of speed though so you might be OK.

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    I use 168 A max in my 308 they are very accurate. And they do expand sometimes a little to much.

    ATB Andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith View Post
    can you use 162 amax for vermin and deer ..
    Hornady Manuals (7 & 8) say suitable for Medium Game. Regards JCS
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    Really was done to death ( no pun ) in a number of threads in the last year.

    This debate has raged on - and came very close to Police Authorities classing them as Section 5 to the detriment of a great number of target shooters - threads also refer to the eventual Home Office guidance on the matter. Whether its fair or just that such general bullet distinctions exist is another matter.

    They are designed as a Match bullet. As has been pointed out, they have some expansive characteristics as a side effect of that design. In the UK Deer are required to be taken by a bullet 'designed to expand in a predictable manner'. The a max is not so designed.

    Hornady sell in many countries other than the UK, their position has been that it may be used on certain medium game. That is in a practical, not legal sense.

    There's a wide range on entirely suitable bullets out there without needing to go this route.
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