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Thread: Wanted - scope

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    Wanted - scope

    After being messed around on a certain auction site, I have decided to throw myself at the mercy of my fellow stalkers

    Does anyone have a scope available for sale? I'm on the look out for a fixed power model from the likes of S & B, Zeiss, Kahles, Docter Optic etc. Preferably a 6x42 or 8x56.

    I'm based in the Nort West and have a paypal account if that helps.

    Cheers, Novice.

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    Hi , i have a Swarovski 6x42 with a 25mm tube which is surplus to my needs, i would need 250 for it, also a set of tikka mounts and rings 45.

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    I can't help you Novice i'm afraid. I can suggest that you spread your net a bit wider. Whats wrong with Leupold or Swarovski, both very good scopes too!

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    Apologies Beowulf

    I would certainly be interested in the manufacturers you mention, in addition to Kahles, Meopta and any other good quality optics.

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    No need to apologise mate. Buy the best scope that you can afford. Personally I'd prefer a slightly less expensive new scope like a Leupold than a good but expensive second hand scope. Saying that I have brought a very nice S/H scope from another site member and its great! I think your German scopes are always going to be the best, but if its a scope for every day stalking in good light a 6x42 Leupold get the job done. For dark woods and morning/evening work I prefer the Swarovski.

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    Hi, novice.
    I have a 3-9 x 40 Leapold VX2 boxed in my loft. I keep it as a spare as i can wind the magnification up for longer range work or real low for quick off hand shots in the woods. Also might have some mounts dependan't on which rifle for.

    Willing to sell for fair price, also live in North west area so a trail might be ok. you need caution buying used scopes defects are not always apparent on inspection and i wouldn't want you dissapointed.

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    As previous members have said watch what you are buying second hand novice as a scope may look brand new and working perfectly but could have a defect.
    I have a Doctor 8x56 on my stalking rifle but have you had a look at the DEBEN range of scopes hawke optics I have a hawke scope on my fox rifle and it is perfect and didn't break the bank.

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    not trying to pitch you into mine novice, if you fancy it give me a bid, otherwise i will keep it for a spare. remember Leupold garantee is for life second hand or new. This makes me belive they ofer the best value. True S+bender, Swaski setc are great glass as are nightforce and US optics but look at comparative model prices. if you take a shot in light that makes a difference i hope you have a dambed good dog.
    I respect hind sight has a desent Deben on a foxing gun but i think they are a short term option for a deer gun - you will always upgrade and this costs more.
    I personally use S+bender, Swavoski ,Night force and Leupold all of these are a scope for life.
    You will waste more money on rubbish you upgrade and essential items you never use after the novelty wears off in this game - it is i am, afraid inevitable

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    i agree with kent don't waste your money on lesser quality i did for ten years better pay the extra now it will pay off i had pecar most of my life now only use swarovski ,zeiss and meopta

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