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Thread: Up High or Not

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    Up High or Not

    Is this the time of year that people go up in high seats more often due to excessive ground cover etc? i seem to start struggling at this time of year not with seeing deer as i'm seeing and stalking in to plenty doe's, so its not my stalking, just generally finding it harder to get on bucks, i must add that i've never taken a deer from a high seat before as i much rather stay on foot. (any advice will be gratefully received)


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    A very good question. I still walk about as part of the reason I am out is to get some exercise. I accept that given the amount of cover, I will be spotted more often than not by the roe. I don't expect to shoot more than a couple of bucks in total in July and August. The work's been done by early June.
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    On a slightly different thread about high seats, I was discussing with Davie (6P) earlier today about the sighting of a high seat and we decided to use a portable one, as it is not as high as the home made ones, which in turn would keep us/me out of the canopy of the chosen tree. This time of year it is also the cover up the trees that cause problems as well as ground cover, seems we are never satisfied

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    I think you pays your money and takes your chance. Out the other evening I passed by some clear-fell with a high seat overlooking it in favour of a walkabout and perch in another high seat. Just on last light I was heading back to the truck only to bump a buck in that first patch of clear-fell. I could only see ears, eyes and antlers and a large chunk of mid-Wales was the backstop so he wasn't going to be shot and quickly legged it off into the tress. The irony is that when I first clocked him he was standing almost under the high seat. Guess who also picks the slowest lane at the checkout?

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