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Thread: Single door coca cola fridge

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    Single door coca cola fridge

    Before I arrange for the council to come and take this away, I thought i'd put it on here and see if anyone wants it.

    The good news is that it is free, the bad news is it needs a couple of things done to it.

    1. The fan and electrics all work however I cant get it to go below nine degrees. I'm no refrigeration engineer so dont know how to fix this.

    2. There is a tear on the internal door seal however this does not go all the way through to the outside.

    If anyone wants it let me know and you can have it. It might be possible to add another chiller unit onto it or make it into a smoker cabinet. I still have all the shelves for it and it has a light in it.



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    I Might be where are you???

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    I'm in east lothian, near to haddington.

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    If any body wants this, you have until next monday night to say so as the council are coming for it 7am on tuesday morning. SWMBO does not want it lying about any longer

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    Too far for me

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