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    Hi all,

    Have been around the shooting scene for a bit but only got into stalking this year. Got my DSC1 with BASC in March, the course was excellently run by Tim Davies at Middlemarch in Dorset. Got my first Roe buck under the guidance of Chris Dalton (Sporting Rifle cover model and all round good egg). Actually I missed the first buck he got me on to by a west country mile having got a bad case of buck fever . I'm sure it was silver medallist (ah the one that got away).

    Want to do a few more guided stalks before looking for some stalking in Herefordshire.



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    all the best on sd.

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    Welcome to SD Martin - I'm also in Herefordshire and did my DSC1 with Tim Davies a few years ago. There's an SD Herefordshire stalkers get together every now and then in the New Inn, Pembridge; in fact we should be due one in September or thereabouts, so you'd be very welcome.



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    Thanks for the info, I'd like to come along.



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    When you've got the date for the meet at Pembridge, drop me a line, some if the ground I stalk is close to Pembridge and I'll see if I can drag "herbert" along as well.


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